We promote healing  with compassion.

Changing Paths NC II

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing those suffering from addiction and mental health issues with the integrated treatment solutions that will set them and their loved ones up for recovery that can last a lifetime and enable them to live the healthy, happy lives they deserve.

Being a family with loved ones fighting addition we have created our program around healing the Mind, Body and Soul.  We accomplish this through healthy eating, exercise, meditation and therapy.

As we have learned through the years, 28 to 90 day programs alone have lower success rates for long term recovery. Our 12 month in house plan along with the 28 to 90 day inpatient care has proven a higher success rate of long term Recovery.

Your unique treatment plan will be tailored to your specific recovery needs. We are a family owned and operated business, our mission is to help adult men and women by guiding you thru our 12 step 12 month recovery plan as you learn to live a sober life to the fullest.

Our services

We serve with integrity.  

Our reputation is built on trust and honesty. We are thoughtful, intentional and ethical in all our actions, in order to have a lifelong, meaningful impact on those we serve.

We empower people.  

People are the foundation of our organization. Our approach to those we serve allows them to make—and be—the change they want to see in themselves and in the world.

We strive for excellence.  

Our efforts are directed toward one primary goal: excellence in all that we do. From our treatment philosophies to our daily interactions, we are committed to offering world-class experiences to those whom we serve. We honor this commitment by continuously seeking new, innovative, evidence-based approaches to our work.

We promote healing with compassion.

Effective treatment takes a holistic, flexible and empathetic approach to each individual. Our Dual Diagnosis strategies are motivational, not confrontational, and fully integrated, meaning we treat both substance use and mental health conditions simultaneously. We meet people where they are and take them through a compassionate, individualized and supportive healing process.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs


Our mission is to help adult men and women by guiding you through our 12-step, 12-month recovery plan as you learn to live a sober life to the fullest.

Our comprehensive services are designed to help these men and women transition back into the community, while equipping them with adequate tools and coping skills to effectively transition them through our combined experience along with evidence-based best practices.  

Get the help you need, and deserve.

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