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Residential Treatment Program

Our supportive living Facility.

Nestled in the rural area of Sampson County just beyond the border of Clinton, North Carolina we proposed to develop our 8.3 acres into a comprehensive, modern, progressive continuum of care. Existing on these acres are 8 structures, the main building, six residential dwellings, and a building that will be converted into a gym.

Our main building will be converted into an upscaled facility where the residents will experience high-end treatment opportunities. They will be afforded such luxuries as a swimming pool, gazebos, walking trails, full- court basketball, tennis, and volleyball, outdoor grills, meals cooked by Chefs, cable television, phone service, internet, private baths and showers, and accommodations in their residential rooms are top of the line.

Included in this level of care are Saunas, a beauty salon, barber care, manicure/pedicure, and a full array of body care amenities. Our residents will be pampered, but they will also develop the ability to live their lives without the debilitating substances that brought them to us.


Changing Paths NC II, LLC’s main building will be an upscaled facility where the residents will experience high-end treatment opportunities.

Luxuries afforded to residents:

  • a swimming pool
  • gazebos
  • walking trails
  • full court basketball, tennis and volleyball
  • outdoor grills
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • cable television
  • phone service
  • internet
  • private baths and showers
  • high-end residential room accommodations
  • saunas
  • beauty salons
  • barber care
  • nail care, and a full array of body care amenities

Residents will be pampered.

Residents will develop the ability to live their lives without the debilitating substances that brings them to Changing Paths NC II, LLC.

The average stay in the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program is 28 days.


Upon successful completion of the residential 28-day program, the residents will be afforded the opportunity to move into an apartment.

The residents can live in these accommodations for up to one year.

Each apartment is:

  • fully furnished
  • completely renovated
  • totally modernized

Each resident who chooses the option to move into these dwellings will be afforded the opportunity for employment.

Staff have made connections with various local employers who have committed to hiring the members of our community.

Initially, Changing Paths NC II, LLC will provide transportation to and from work.

The expectation of each resident on or before their year is to have:

  • their own home
  • their own transportation
  • a saving and checking account
  • be free of all legal matter
  • be a tax paying citizen, and
  • have reunited with family members where there is a healthy relationship
  • As always, treatment is the significant part of Changing Paths NC II, LLC’s plan.
  • Each resident will continue to be engaged in an ongoing treatment regime.
  • Daily activities will occur, and compliance is mandatory.
    Each resident is expected to attend all sessions; and participation is mandated.
  • Our staff of substance abuse and mental health professionals are dedicated to the success of each resident.
  • Staff have committed themselves to helping each resident obtain their goals and objectives.

We, Changing Paths NC II, LLC tout a success rate of approximately 90%.  We plan to exceed that percentage.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs.


Our mission is to help adult men and women by guiding you through our 12-step, 12-month recovery plan as you learn to live a sober life to the fullest.

Our comprehensive services are designed to help these men and women transition back into the community, while equipping them with adequate tools and coping skills to effectively transition them through our combined experience along with evidence-based best practices.  

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